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Chris M

I was very pleased with the work RJ's did for me. The cost of the work was easily covered by the savings on having a lawn care company do my yard. We set an appointment for pick up and delivery and they were very prompt. My machine looked great and performed excellent during the season. They will be doing more work for me on my snowblower as well as a repair on my riding mower on a part I broke.
I had used another company in the past but their reviews lately have been terrible so I'm opting to pay for pick up and delivery rather than chance a poor outcome with them (I have free pick up and delivery with them because I bought my machine there). Based on my experience with RJ's I will be staying with them.

Description of work:

RJ's did a complete overhaul of my Snapper rider in the early part of 2015 getting it ready for the upcoming season. It was not an inexpensive proposition since there was a fair amount of deferred maintenance on the machine but still the price for the work done was very fair. Judy even submitted the rebate information for a new battery they installed.

Ryan D

After reading great reviews on AL, my wife and I decided to bring the mower we got from my wife's grandfather to RJ's to see if it could be salvaged. Bob called back very quickly within a day or two and gave it to me strait that it was a lemon and it was really only worth its weight in scrap. It was an older mower and her grandfather didn't take the best care of it. Bob was great about it, he explained everything to me in detail and we came down to his place and he took the time with my wife and I to walk us around his lot and show us what he had for new and used mowers. He was very patient with us and answered all of our questions in great detail. He showed us all of our options by going with him and he was not pushy just trying to make a sale at all. We thanked him and told him we would think about it. After a few days of my wife and I deciding what we wanted, I called Bob and told him we were interested in one of his used mowers, but we didn't want exceed a certain price for a used mower where we could just buy a new one. He worked with us and we were able to come to an agreement on the mower we wanted. It needed some work so it would take a little time to get done which is completely understandable since summer is a busy time for mowers being repaired. Over the time it took, Bob would call me with updates frequently and even offered to let me borrow a mower of his just to have one. On the day it was ready, Bob delivered the mower to my house and took the time to make sure everything was running efficiently and even showed me how to use it since it was my first one. Bob and his wife have made this such an easy process for my wife and I and we couldn't be happier. RJ's will have our and our family's business from now on and I highly suggest anybody reading this to do the same.

Mark L

Overall, I had an exceptional experience with Bob. His wife, Judy, who answers the phone calls is super pleasant and very easy to set up an appointment with to service the lawnmower. The prices are not to be beat by anyone, but what impressed me more was how nice Bob was and willing to help however he could. I would use RJ's again after meeting Bob just because of his personality and friendliness. I cannot say enough positive words to describe how happy I am to have found RJ's Outdoor Power. Bob and Judy even sent me a thank you note for my business. How many dealers will do that? I will be using Bob and Judy for all of my future appliance yearly services as well as repairs from this point forward. I now understand why Bob has received all "A" ratings and 3 years of "A+" ratings from the BBB with no complaints from people in that period. I HIGHLY recommend RJ's